Don't Let Hiring Slow You Down

Tecqil combines technology and human touch to help you engage, source and screen the best candidates!

How we help you recruit better

Find and attract candidates

Create and post a job within minutes and attract top talents to apply to your job

Advance the right applicants forward

Easily collaborate with hiring teams to evaluate candidates, collect feedback and decide who’s best, all in one place.

Make the best hire, in shorter the time

Move quicker on a platform that helps you automate processes, like scheduling interviews and getting approvals..

What Tecqil offers to Employers?

One Stop Recruitment

Tecqil offers enterprise-grade applicant tracking software to streamline your entire hiring process, from tracking, screening, and evaluating candidates to collaborating with hiring teams from one central platform

Talent Pool

Tecqil maintains a pool of profiled talent, tested, and trained job-seekers – enabling significantly faster, cheaper, and more reliable recruitment.

Receive Great Candidates

Our smart, easy-to-use dashboard helps you sort, review, and move your candidates from one stage to another. Enjoy full transparency of your candidate pipeline within the hiring team.

Hire for

any scope

Complex Project

Find specialised experts for large and complex projects

Long-term contract

Expand your team with a skilled resource.

Short-term contract

Build a pool of diverse experts for short term use


Connect with the best experts in diverse fields

Included features for smarter hirings

Screening Questions

Save time and see only the most qualified candidates by adding screening questions to your job post.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests measure critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to learn, digest and apply new information. These abilities are difficult to assess based solely on resumes and interviews, and that is where aptitude tests can help.

Mobile Friendly

Hire on the go! We got you covered. You can review your candidates and more — from anywhere using your mobile devices!

Which Plan is Best For Your Business?

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Hire on a budget

Post a job and receive great candidates for free

  • Unlimited Applications
  • Applicant Management System System
  • Maximum Reach
  • Access to Candidates


D4500 / Per Month
1 active Job

Find the best match

With the help of our HR Experts and seamless Technology

  • All the benefits of “Standard”
  • Pre-screening Questions
  • Social Media Boost
  • Efficient Turnaround
  • Matching Technology
  • Pro Customer Support


Let's Talk

Hire great with little effort

Let our experts do the work and deliver quality candidate

  • All the benefits of “Pro-Recruit”
  • We find the candidates
  • We screen the candidates
  • We filter the best among the lot
  • We deliver the top candidates
  • You make the Hire
  • Premium Customer Support

We offer candidate pre-employment aptitude assessment

One of the most valuable tools in screening candidates is employment aptitude testing. These pre- employment tests are designed to streamline and improve your company’s hiring process.

Psychometric pre-employment testing can assess competencies and behavioral tendencies to ensure job and organizational fit.

Assess all applicants, focus on competent candidates for

Pay D3500 / Per Job